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Monday, August 27, 2018

Elements of the Batman Franchise Worth Recommending

Since his introduction in 1939, Batman has appeared in countless movies, animations, TV and
radio shows, books, comic books and newspapers. The franchise, complete with numerous
merchandising items, is believed to have made almost $24 billion. Let’s talk about a few
things that all Batman enthusiasts should have in their collections.

Batman Action Figures

The blockbuster movies are probably the main source of information about Bruce Wayne and
his dark alter ego for most people because it is something that has the best chance to reach
wider audiences. Plus, everybody likes to see an action-packed movie from time to time.
Since the first attempts to introduce the superhero to a big (or silver) screen in the 1940s,
about two dozen films, series and TV shows have featured his likeness. Naturally, some better
than the others. Adam West was the first memorable Batman. Starring in the 1966 series and
film, West was also making a living from his appearance in the batty costume in his private

Several other famous actors played the part afterward, and the choices were always widely
debated among the fans. And their verdict can sometimes be brutal. Val Kilmer and Ben
Affleck know something of this. But even they have nothing on “Batman & Robin,” which
was a disaster on many levels — even the star, George Clooney, joked about nearly killing the franchise. Still, the fashionable cast didn’t help much. However, a very different sentiment is
commonly shared by people about the period when Christopher Nolan took over the curse.
His trilogy, which includes “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight
Rises,” earned a lot of money and was praised by fans and critics alike. Especially “The Dark
Knight,” with a remarkable performance by Heath Ledger, who brilliantly portrayed the
psychopathic Joker, collected a lot of positive reviews.

The admirers of the Gotham City protector have even more to choose from when it comes to
animations. About 50 different cartoons, animated movies and series, either dedicated to our
beloved Caped Crusader or applying some sort of team-up format, were developed since
1993. Such was made possible by the success of “Batman: The Animated Series” that ran for
85 episodes between September 1992 and September 1995. It received substantial acclaim in
many capacities, with viewers appreciating the complex storyline, artistic value and the dark
undertone of neo-noir climate just to name a few. The cartoons, in general, also covered many
bases regarding the DC universe. We observe plenty of captivating narratives, elaborate
adventures and exciting villains’ schemes. Among the recommended titles to watch could be:
“Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders,” “Batman: Under the Red Hood,” “Batman: Year
One” and naturally, “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.” Then there is “The LEGO Batman
Movie” that was a fresh, comic approach to the superhero, which came out pretty well. Few
other LEGO cartoons featuring Batman are also worth noticing.

A critical, and quite profitable, part of any big franchise is gaming. Computer or video games
involving superheroes are quite popular because who wouldn’t enjoy impersonating a cool
character. Batman is no different here. While the statement of how much we like a specific
game might be an individual matter, highly dependent on personal taste and preferences, there
are propositions that most players would recommend. “Batman: Arkham Asylum” and
“Batman: Arkham City” are interchangeably mentioned as number one on many occasions
and occupy the top places on the popularity rankings all over the web. Those two are
appreciated by franchise supporters and players alike. Alternatively, those of us who enjoy a
little betting action on the side will be able to find interesting online slot machines with
graphics from the movies or comic books, also available for free play. Batman and his
enemies are still one of the most common motifs used in the popular superhero slot games
that are trending at the moment. In your face, Superman!

Nevertheless, for the Dark Knight to be able to rise in the first place, people had to fall in love
in comic books. Unsurprisingly, they did, and the craze began. The World's Greatest
Detective (sorry, Mister Holmes!) first appeared in “Detective Comics #27” from May 1939
under the name Bat-Man. Lastly, and not getting too much into details, we’ll leave you with
some of the much-admired Batman essential reading. In no particular order, they could be:
“Year One,” “Hush,” “The Killing Joke,” “The Court of Owls,” “The Dark Knight Returns,”
“A Death in the Family” and the year-long adventure series of 1996-97 called “The Long