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Monday, April 23, 2018

You have to try the Almost Got ‘Im Batman card game!

You have to try the Almost Got ‘Im Batman card game!

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The packed with action Batman franchise has been delivering proper entertainment for decades. It is
full of mysteries, riddles and puzzles to be solved. The elements of card games are also very
common, mainly due to the mischievous actions of Joker and his crew. The Almost Got ‘Im card game from Cryptozoic Entertainment is another great proposition for Dark Knight’s fans that combines some of the best things about our favorite hero.

For the time being, it is hard to find a typical, commercially offered online game with Batman-related
motives among various regular and mobile poker sites. Although, we did find this peculiarproposition from Indonesia. Instead, for all the Bruce Wayne’s, I mean Batman’s, supporters, as well
as everyone who enjoys a nice board game once in a while, there just might be something pretty cool
worth checking out. Batman The Animated Series: Almost Got 'Im Card Game falls under the category of social deduction card games similar to Mafia and Werewolf, with a little extra power up brought by poker action.

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The idea came from the iconic cartoon, more specifically from one of its most popular episodes. In
this exciting piece of animation, the infamous villains of Gotham City get together for a quiet poker
night. At this peculiar slumber party, five bad guys – Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Killer Croc and Poison Ivy – share their stories about how close they were to catch or execute their archenemy. However,and I cannot stress that enough: spoiler alert, they don’t know that one of them is our own Caped Crusader himself, and the whole thing is a sting operation to trick Joker into revealing the location of recently captured Catwoman, in attempt to save her from the unfortunate fate.

Such a captivating premise is exactly the basis for the card game introduced in 2017. Among five to
eight players there is one Batman in disguise who has to subdue a required number of villains to win
the game. The rest tries to vote him down and win by figuring out who he is. The elements of poker
are used here to moderate players’ special abilities. All characters involved in a game have their
signature moves and more powerful abilities they can use once in a gameplay. They correspond to
the characteristics of Gotham’s villains
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For example, Penguin, being a crooked businessman involved in shady deals, can draw two cards
from the pile and then give one to a player of his choice while keeping the other. The Riddler is able
to get some intel on the opposition by naming the value – the others have to admit how many cards
of that value they have. Those kinds of things can be used to achieve some advantage or cloud the
judgement of other players. To activate special powers, one has to acquire specific poker hand.

There are no small parts in the game as everyone’s input is vital and can really affect the outcome.
Discussing cards shifting from place to place, players building their hands, and of course, looking for
the Batman, makes moving forward to the final conclusion all the more fun.