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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Would Batman Gamble in Gotham?

Would Batman Gamble in Gotham?

Bruce Wayne, or Batman came from money. A lot of money. In fact, Forbes calculated that
the Wayne enterprises has an annual revenue of 31.3 billion dollars, while Bruce Wayne is
worth 9.2 billion.

Although Batman is all about fighting the bad out of Gotham, do you think he was ever
tempted to spend his money in other ways? Sure it must feel good to build a hospital with
your hard earned money but what about that temptation of careless spending?

With all the corruption that goes on in Gotham, there must be some underground poker
rooms or casinos? Yet, it would be totally out of Bruce Wayne’s character to partake in
illegal activities.

However, the question arises out this? Has Bruce Wayne ever gambled?

How Batman Could Gamble

Since Bruce Wayne is known to donate to charity, there is the possibility of a for charity
casino night. Raising money for sick children or cancer. That being said, Bruce Wayne would probably rather do a more upscale night for charity rather than promoting gambling.

But what if Bruce Wayne really wanted to gamble. Maybe batman wants to spin a slot wheel
or roll the dice. Well, he wouldn’t go to a real casino, would he? He has an image to uphold.
Underground gambling is certainly out of the question, although he could use it as an
opportunity to get intel on the joker or other villains of Gotham.

So, what are his options?

Top casinos and online gambling of course. It would make the most sense. If Bruce Wayne
were to gamble his fortune, it would have to be online.

Think about it. Suited up as Batman, sitting at the big computer in the bat cave spinning the
wheel on Easy Slots across 10 different screens. Having Alfred over his shoulder cheering
him on.

That would be the most likely way that Batman would gamble.

However, there are even more questions that have to be asked.

Batman’s Possible Usernames

If batman really did gamble, what would be his username?

He couldn’t use his real name of course so BruceWayne54 or any other variations of that are out the window.

However, it could be a way for him to secretly reveal his true identity as batman. He could
use the name Batman76 or I_Am_The_Batman or even BruceWayneIsBatman. Okay, that
last one would probably not be the most ideal choice.

Maybe he would just do a randomly generated name to remain completely anonymous.
The last question we must ask is…

What Games Would Batman Play?

If batman were to gamble online, would he be more of a slots kind of guy or poker? It seems
he may be more of a poker player, with his high intelligence and all, but Alfred would
definitely be into new slot games.

Although it is up for debate, it is hard to say whether Bruce Wayne would truly want to
gamble. If he did though, it would more than likely be t
hrough online casinos.