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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

BATMAN on THE GOLDBERGS this Wednesday, 4.5.17!

ABC Goldbergs featuring 1989 Batman

The Goldbergs, the hilarious ABC comedy, is famous for honoring various 1980s retro and up next is the 1989 Batman! In this week’s episode, Adam and Pops ‘FAN out’ over the release of Tim Burton’s Batman and argues the whole episode about which version is better---the 1960s TV show or the new 1989 movie. The episode is no short of Batman gear, lingo and fandom.

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“THE DYNAMIC DUO"– Feeling left out, Barry attempts to create a divide between Adam and Pops’ relationship, as they debate the merits of the recently released Batman movie. Meanwhile, Erica purposely blows her college interview at Penn State so she will go to her first choice, Carnegie Mellon. Hoping Murray will help as an alumni donor, Beverly and Erica learn a secret about Murray. “The Goldbergs,” WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5 (8:00–8:30 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

You can find the Goldbergs on Twitter.