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Thursday, January 12, 2017


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Original Marvel video series presents exciting short-form educational tour of the Marvel Universe with a concentration on Marvel’s MONSTERS UNLEASHED
New York, NY—January 11, 2017— Welcome back, class. Please take your seats. Class is now in session. Since its inception, Marvel Comics has been defined by hard-hitting action, engrossing story lines and an ever-expanding library of some of the most heroic and complex characters of all time! Returning today, Marvel is excited to continue its original video series devoted to giving fans an educational deep dive into some of the most iconic Marvel characters, you may, or may not be, familiar with. Start taking notes – this is season 2 of MARVEL 101!

Starting today, with new episodes made available every Tuesday on and on Marvel’s YouTube page, fans will be introduced to one-minute episodes that offer fans a background crash course on some of the fiercest Marvel monsters all part of the gigantic Marvel series, Monsters Unleashed

Since its launch, MARVEL 101 has provided fans with informative videos spotlighting the history of Marvel’s top heroes, and now is your chance to explore the Marvel Universe even more as MARVEL 101 enters its sophomore year and introduces Marvel fans to the mighty Marvel monsters that have be stomping through the Marvel universe since its inception. 

Every Tuesday, MARVEL 101’s second season will continue to explore the history of Marvel’s greatest monsters as they rampage across the Marvel universe and battle the heroes who have sworn to protect innocents from harm.
With MARVEL 101 this is your chance to quickly explore new corners of the Marvel Universe you may be unfamiliar with, or simply take a refresher course on some of the most incredible entries within the Marvel library. Be sure to take notes – there may be a pop quiz.