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Friday, August 12, 2016

Which Batman Character Would Win In The Casino

Which Batman Character Would Win In The Casino

With the new release of Suicide Squad it is difficult not to get excited for all the up-coming DC films that will be introducing a whole new host of characters that haven’t seen movie screen time for a while. The new batman, Ben Affleck has also seen some screen time with his debut Batman vs.Superman, in the DC world where many superheroes and villains have been created through the terms of scientific error or manipulation it leaves us wondering with these met humans and extreme personalities who would come out on top with casinos and what games they would play.


Bruce Wayne, American billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, owner of Wayne Enterprises, and of course Batman. Previously played by Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Christian Bale and now Ben Affleck. Batman as a character has a genius-level of intelligence which would make him a great contender when it came to winning various casino games, now for the interesting part. Ben Affleck himself is incredibly skilled when it comes to the game of blackjack. Affleck took a great deal of time to learn the blackjack games, and he was so good the casinos asked him to stop. He has point blank refused that he does not use the method of card counting, which is not illegal in casinos but is renowned to be frowned upon.


Formerly the D.A of Gotham City, Harvey Dent was an ally of Batman and Commissioner Gordon until he had acid thrown onto the left side of his face by a mob boss, scarring him for life. This then drove Harvey insane and thus was born Two-Face, obsessed with chance and always carrying a double-headed coin which he flips to make every decision. Now depending on which game Two-Face plays, we’re guessing all games of chance which would mean keno, slot machines in which his trusty coin would come in handy, roulette and craps. Two-Face is a very clever opponent who knows a lot and he a great degree of skill as he was a former detective. If Two-Face was to use the Ladbrokes Casino Periodic Table, he would be able to sharpen up his casino term knowledge even more, and combined with the information about reading people that he already knows, he’d make a great poker pro.

Poison Ivy

Before Poison Ivy there was Pamela who was transformed by dangerous experiment in which she deliberately overdosed on plant and animal based toxins into her bloody. This then led to her having a deadly touch but also boosted her immunity to all poisons, viruses, bacteria and fungi. The reason as to why she could definitely win in the casino if she was playing classic casino games like blackjack,and poker is that her body produces pheromones that make people susceptible to mind control- this means that she could easily get her way in any game.

Mr Freeze

Mr Freeze wouldn’t win any casino game due to skill he would most likely freeze the area around him to manipulate the game, and then receive all the winnings. He has a refrigeration suit which grants him superhuman strength and durability so many players would probably be too scared of him to stop him.