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Sunday, July 03, 2016

The Dark Knight Rises online slot review

Do you love blockbuster movies? How about playing slots? If so, have you ever experienced

a combination of the two, like Microgaming's The Dark Knight Rises video slot which is

available now at the Royal Vegas Online casino?

This game gives you a chance to relive one of the best Batman movies ever made. It has

been on the market since 2013 and has gained a massive following since then - probably

because it gives the players the chance to win almost 2 million coins. Or maybe it's because

it's so accessible - like other Microgaming slots, this game is playable on any compatible

iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device or desktop computer.

A Comprehensive Breakdown

This video slot has five reels and three rows. And like other Microgaming slots, it offers

gamers over 200 ways to win which is available on Royal Vegas Online casino

This online video slot was modeled after the popular Batman movie released in 2012. It's

stuffed to the brim with animated movie clips of Bane and Batman duking it out as well as

many other of our favorite characters from the film.

It's safe to say that if you love The Batman film series you will love this version as well.

Maybe it's because Microgaming has been down this road before (this is their second slot

inspired by the series) or maybe it's because it includes so many cinematic elements, like 

the musical score, movie clips with quotes - features that make this slot more like an 

extension of the film than a game.

Special Symbols

This game has 14 symbols, four of which are special symbols. They include:

The Expanding Wild: When you trigger this symbol, they will appear on the third wheel and

cover the entire thing.

Split Wilds: 

These count for two wilds and can create up to 6 of a kind The Dark Knight 

Rises logo: Gives you the ability to replace any regular symbol to form a winning 

combination Scatter Bomb: This symbol gifts you with free spins.

Bonus features

This game has several bonus features for gamers to enjoy. For instance, it's Fight Mode and

Free Spins Accumulator is triggered randomly. If you are lucky enough to activate this

feature, you will get a chance to see an epic battle between Bane and Batman. As the two

fight, both the multiplier and your number of free spins will increase. And, it is through these

free spins that your rewards will be activated.

To activate the Free Spins feature, you have to get at least three scatter bombs, which will

grant you 10 free spins. You will also get a chance to choose between either Batman or

Bane, each one has his own benefits and will tack on some free multipliers or spins to your


When you activate the Bane Free Spins feature, you obviously be gifted with free spins. But,

you will also get a multiplier and gain access to a special Rolling Reels bonus with Super

Stacked Wilds.

When you get a free Spin and win, the Rolling Reels feature will activate and each winning

combo will be replaced with new symbols, giving you a chance to win again. This will 

happen again and again until and no new combos are on the board. When Free Spins have 

been triggered at least ten times, this will grant you access to Super Stacked Wilds.

But that's not all, there are tons of other bonus features for you to enjoy while playing The

Dark Knight Rises
video slot. To get a better idea of what these are, try them it out for

yourself on any site that is powered by the unparalleled Microgaming software. Games that

are made by this company are guaranteed to offer gamers high-quality graphics, superior

security, and amazing gameplay.