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Batman: TAS Joker & Harley Masks!

Thursday, December 24, 2015


No matter if it’s on the big screen, the small screen or in the pages of the original comic books 

the caped crusader has always had to go up against arguably some of the most

notorious and iconic enemies in comic history. These infamous characters have been

portrayed in a variety of different ways over the years and these interpretations have been

quite fascinating to watch but which of these villainous bad guys stand out the most?


Recently re-imagined in Fox’s hit series ‘Gotham’ and portrayed rather convincingly by actor

Robin Lord Taylor the Penguin is one of DC Comics’ more adaptable characters. Oswald

Chesterfield Cobblepot III is a particularly eccentric character yet he has the enviable

attribute of actually being completely sane. And it’s this sanity that in some ways makes him

a particularly unusual foe for Batman, whether he’s a disfigured freak or a shady



Better known as Harvey Dent to all fans of Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’, this

Gotham supervillain wasn’t always inclined to do wrong. Dent was originally a Gotham City

district attorney until one side of his face was brutally scarred following a court-based acid

attack, thrown by mob boss Sal Maroni. This changed Dent in more ways than one quite

literally splitting his personality and creating mayhem in Gotham all thanks to the simple

toss of a coin.


She made her first appearance in the comic books back in 1966 and this truly villainous eco-

terrorist has a whole host of botanically-based superpowers to help her thwart the good

guys. Poison Ivy is a seductive sexy siren who uses her beauty and her insanity to cause

chaos in Gotham that is until Batman gets the better of her and she is carted off to Arkham

Asylum. The alluring Miss Ivy is just one of the characters features in these Batman illustrations at Royal Vegas.


Another popular resident in the aforementioned asylum is of course Batman’s most famous

arch-nemesis, The Joker. His origins are muddled and his back story constantly changes

which just adds to the mysteriousness of the man in the clown make-up. He’s one of the

most disturbing and twisted characters in the Batman-universe but it’s his similarity and

unexpected sameness to Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego that really makes for exciting reading

whenever these two battle it out.