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Friday, October 09, 2015

Giveaway: Win a TMNT prize & Join us on Gemr!

We toy collectors are always looking for great places to show-off our collections.  This cool new social media website and app called Gemr gives us the place to connect with other collectors, organize our toys and show them off!   You can join groups, browse collections and more. 

I don't join a lot of sites, I have enough to go through with Facebook and Twitter as it is.  My wife is addicted to Pinterest and I think with Gemr I've found a similar addiction!  Its just page after page of TOYS!  

The site has a ton of features, including:

-The Ability to find the value of what things are worth
-Talk to others about their collection
-Join clubs: there's even a Disney or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles club
-Showcase your collection.

The best can sign up for Gemr for FREE!  This is a really cool place for Ninja Turtles fans.  As an incentive to give it a try, if you follow this link and sign-up for an account today you will be placed in the running for this fantastic Ninja Turtles prize!  Anyone that signs up for a free account through this link over the next week is entered to win!

Once you are there, please friend us on our Gemr page