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Friday, October 09, 2015

Confirmed: New Justice League Cartoon, "JLA", IS In Development at Cartoon Network

We reported last month that a new Justice League cartoon may be in the works after a picture leaked from Cartoon Network headquarters that featured a poster that indicated as such.  Legions of Gotham has been famous for well over a decade for our scoops in the world of animated Batman, and as such we have made a lot of contacts within the industry.  I have obtained sufficient confirmation from enough reliable contacts to confirm for the fans that this series IS in development at Cartoon Network.

Its important to note that Cartoon Network was hoping to keep this one under wraps, so the liklihood of much leaking out in the way of spoilers before they officially announce is very small.  The old days of the internet are long gone, when people close to a series could get away with giving the fans peeks into what they're working on.  Contracts are now very tight and restricting, so we will all have to be patient and wait....something we're not so used to in today's world.  

More as its available on the Justice League cartoon!