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Friday, August 14, 2015

Thats Not a Tumah!...Its Kindergarten Cop 2 Set Pics!

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The rumors are true and the wait is are finally getting a Kindergarten Cop 2! The original film has stood the test of time as a cult fan favorite. In fact, Schwarzenegger's Kindergarten Cop was a huge box office success back in 1990, making over 91 million dollars in the United States alone, with a budget of a mere 15 million. The film launched Arnold into the family film genre that carried him through much of the 90s and probably helped him secure the role of Governor of California, thanks to his accessible and diverse public image.  Not to mention it gave viewing audiences everywhere the timeless gift of screaming "Its not a tumah" whenever anyone inquires about an out of place blemish.

The Kindergarten Cop sequel does not, however, feature everyone's favorite Austrian. The site Manly Movie leaked these set pics that feature the far more menacing and imposing Dolph Lundgren, who will star in the sequel instead of Arnold. He's not reprising Arnold's role as Detective John Kimble this go around. The film is banking on the name to try and revive the vague idea of a tough cop being put into a scenario with a bunch of children. There is even talk of a spinoff television show on Fox. 
Lundgren, a native of Switzerland, hasn't delved into family friendly film since his epic 1987 role as He-Man in the Masters of the Universelive action film. Star of brutal action shoot 'em up films like Red Scorpion and Showdown in Little Tokyo, Lundgren had fallen out of the public eye over the past few decades. He has fortunately enjoyed a new career renaissance thanks to the Expendables franchise, where he and Schwarzenegger are co-stars.

The new Kindergarten Cop puts another all-business police officer into a kindergarten class, this time to hunt down a flash drive that came up missing from the Federal Witness Protection Program. Lundgren's character will also have a partner in the sequel, an Indian named Sanjit. Dolph will have a love interest, played by the beautiful, but somewhat unknown, Darla Taylor. Taylor has been featured in episodes of Supernatural and The Tomorrow People. Also in search of the flashdrive? The rogues of the film...the Albanians. Further details on the plot and potential co-stars have yet to be announced. Arnold seems to enjoy delving back into his previous film franchises like Terminator and a rumored sequel to Twins that he's developing. so maybe we'll be treated to a cameo?

The filming of Kindergarten Cop 2 begins as we celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the original this coming December.  The directing is being helmed by Don Michael Paul, whose credits include Jarhead 2: Field of Fire and the upcoming Tremors 5, seems to be the man that Universal likes to bring in for direct-to-DVD sequels like this one. The script was banged out by David H. Steinberg, scribe of other sequels like American Pie 2 and American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love 
Universal is so confident about Kindergarten Cop 2 that it will be coming direct-to-DVD on a yet to be announced date in 2016.

What do you think fans--Should there be a Kindergarten Cop without Arnold? Will you see it?