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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Disney Reveals Captain America: Civil War Footage At D23 Expo!

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The Disney D23 Expo is full of reveals and Saturday brought us news from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  There was a healthy amount of Captain America: Civil War movie footage shared with fans and press at the expo alike.

In the aftermath of Avengers 2 we get a world where the Avengers get involved in another incident, with plenty of collateral damage, and the government decides that its time to intervene in the activity of the world's superheroes.  The drastic efforts by 'the man' causes a split in the ranks of the Avengers and in fact in all superheroes.  Two sides emerge, one is anti-registration lead by Captain America and the other is pro-registration, helmed by Iron Man.    This epic crossover film, based on the popular 2006-07 comic book saga, is being brought to life by Markus and McFeely.  The duo are also responsible for the first two Captain America films, Thor 2 and the Agent Carter television series.

The footage from D23 featured appearances from Captain America's faction, including Black Widow, the Scarlet Witch and Falcon.  Iron Man and War Machine are on the same side again, along with Hawkeye, the Vision and others.   The trailer gives us an action packed peek at the Avenger on Avenger violence that we'll get in the film's climax.  No look at the new Spiderman yet, but we got to see a little Black Panther and a funny interaction at the end between Paul Rudd's Ant-Man and Captain America.  No Fantastic Four or X-Men characters?  Sadly no, the film rights for those characters still lie with 20th Century Fox.

Conspicuous by his absence in the trailer is the Jade Giant himself, the Incredible Hulk.  In fact, he isn't listed in the listing for the film either, so why would you dare make a film full of Avengers without the big green guy?   A story was going around earlier this year that speculated Marvel didn't have the rights to distribute a Hulk movie without Universal's approval.  That only applies to a standalone Hulk film, however.  The answer may lie in the appearance of a character from Hulk's past, General "Thunderbolt" Ross, reprised by William Hurt.  Ross is shown giving a speech to the world's superhero population in the D23 footage.  Comic book junkies will recognize that Hulks come in many colors--Green, Gray and even Red.  In 2008 a mysterious new Red version of the Hulk appeared and began killing people off.  It was revealed in Hulk #22 (2010) that Red Hulk was in fact General Ross!  Could it be that we'll get a Red Hulk appearance in Civil War?  

The comic book version of Civil War, which spannned through the pages of Captain America, The Punisher, Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, was met with mixed reaction when it was published almost a decade ago.  The scope and idea of the Superhuman Registration Act and the ramifications of all the Marvel Universe choosing one side or another and doing battle was epic to be sure, but some felt that the execution was rushed at times.  The possibility that this same syndrome will occur with one standalone feature film is highly possible, as the idea may leave comic book fans begging for more.   This might have been even better as a star-studded television mini-series.  Imagine the ratings boost that ABC would enjoy with that one.  Captain America: Civil War crashes into theaters, and our hearts, on May 6, 2016!

What do you think, will one movie be enough to fully flesh out the Marvel Civil War?