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Friday, July 31, 2015

Why Fear the Walking Dead Will Be Must See TV

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Why Fear the Walking Dead Will Be Must See TV

Fans of the Walking Dead have been quite spoiled by the high caliber post-apoclyptic televisionn experience that they've been afforded.  Before the Walking Dead a show with this caliber of doom would be lucky to make if off of the Sy Fy network and anywhere near a mainstream audience.   The Walking Dead has gotten so big, in fact, that a companion series titled 'Fear The Walking Dead' is set to premiere on AMC on August 23.

Fans of franchises like Star Wars are very used to the idea of an expanded universe.  The fact that the Walking Dead is taking a crack at that concept is nothing short of revolutionary for fans of cult television.  The series will feature an all new cast of characters located across the country in Los Angeles, just as the zombie outbreak is in its infancy.  The outbreak is literally going to be so much in its infancy that people mistake it for a harsh cold thats going around.

The doughy and naive characters will be fresh and confused, not battle hardened and raw like Rick Grimes and company.   We fans will get a look at a universe that has no zombies -- no walkers -- its the early dawn of the apocalypse -- the edge of insanity.  The slow build that we are bound to get into the early days of infection will be keeping us all at the edge of our seats, just waiting for the characters to finally figure out whats coming their way!  

If Fear The Walking Dead is an experiment that proves successful it could open the door to an infinite amount of stories and timelines within the Walking Dead universe alone.  All cult television shows will be taking note and watching closely to see if this brand of fan pleasing can actually work even half as well as the original series.  Imagine a Game of Thrones companion series focusing on the life of the Hound or the early days of the Stark family  The possibilities for expanded universes for fans could be endless and could easily change the face of modern television.

Fear The Walking Dead will bridge our wait between the end of summer and October 11th when the main series returns for a sixth season.

Are you excited for the new Walking Dead companion series?

 -Matt MacNabb is a freelance writer and pop culture historian