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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Two and a Half Men: Season 12 DVD Review

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Two and a Half Men: Season 12 DVD Review

Synopsis: Walden Schmidt and Alan Harper have spent another year searching for the ideal life. Alan thought he'd found his soulmate in Lyndsey's future sister-in-law, but it wasn't meant to be. An attempt to restart his chiropractic business led Alan to disappointment as well. On the plus side, he met his niece, Jenny, who turned out to be just like her father – a partier and a womanizer. Walden also had his share of ups and downs. Just when an old flame returned and he decided she was "The One," someone else turned up and he was sure she was "The One." In the end, neither one was "The One." Berta remained at their sides all along, keeping them grounded. Meanwhile, Evelyn reached contentment, having gained a granddaughter, Jenny, and a 90-year-old billionaire husband. In this final season, Alan and Walden will continue their search for true love, contentment and the meaning of life. And they may actually find a couple of those things!

Review: I honestly thought that Two And A Half Men was over with once Charlie left, but the addition of Ashton as Walden was actually a pretty cool switch.  This show has been a long standing comedy staple, lasting 12 long years, with this being its final season!  This DVD set includes all the episodes from the final season, which was just as funny as the previous 11!  This one is a must have.

Interest Range: Comedy, TV Shows