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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Tom and Jerry Gene Deitch Collection DVD Review

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Tom and Jerry Gene Deitch Collection DVD Review

Synopsis: Celebrate the most enduring team in animation history with a collection fans will want to chase and catch! This highly anticipated release includes all 13 of the Gene Deitch produced shorts that fans and collectors will surely want to own!

Review:This DVD set collects the entire 1961-62 run of Gene Deitch on Tom & Jerry.  This era is considered by many fans to be quite controvertial.   This represents some of the more violent and aggressive cartoons, the kind that are generally considered inappropriate these days for kids, so parents  beware!  This set is more for collectors.

This DVD includes the following:

01 Switchin' Kitten
02 Down and Outing
03 It's Greek to Me-ow!
04 High Steaks

05 Mouse into Space
06 Landing Stripling
07 Calypso Cat
08 Dicky Moe
09 The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit
10 Tall in the Trap
11 Sorry Safari
12 Buddies Thicker Than Water
13 Carmen Get It!

Bonus features:
1.Tom and Jerry...and Gene: The Rembrandt Years
2.Much Ado About Tom and Jerry

Interest Range: Animation