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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back! Now If OK Soda Would Only Return!

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This week Pepsi confirmed to competitive eater and Crystal Pepsi superfan Kevin Strahle that the niche 90s soda is on its way back to the marketplace!  Retro fanatics will go mad with joy.  There is no word on the official release date, but we should expect some news soon.  

I remember when Crystal Pepsi debuted, my father was able to get some samples before they hit the stores, because he worked for a beverage distribution company in the midwest.  I brought  a bottle to middle school, loaded with delusions of gradure about how popular it would make me.  Alas, it did no such thing, but it was pretty tasty.

According to the drink's creator, David Novak, the taste was just the problem back in the day.  He had the following to say about the demise of his beloved creation in a 2007 interview with

"It was a tremendous learning experience. I still think it's the best idea I ever had, and the worst executed. A lot of times as a leader you think, 'They don't get it; they don't see my vision.' People were saying we should stop and address some issues along the way, and they were right. It would have been nice if I'd made sure the product tasted good. Once you have a great idea and you blow it, you don't get a chance to resurrect it."

Now, if they would only bring back OK Soda, I would be a happy man.

Matt MacNabb is a freelance writer and pop culture historian.