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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Comic Book Preview: Fight Club 2, Issue #1 Review

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Fight Club was a groundbreaking film in it's day.  I remember when my wife and I saw it in the theater, it was nearly empty.  This wasn't long after the infamous Columbine incident and a lot of people were turned off to films that seemed overtly violent at the time.  When the film hit VHS it began to get a bit of a cult following and its only grown over the years as younger generations discover the film and us older generations see over and over that the lessons that Tyler Durden taught us aren't necessarily crazy. 

Author Chuck Palahniuk could have taken his pen and paper and created a book sequel to his hit original, but instead he has chosen to grace the visual medium of comic books with the task.  Joined with Dark Horse Comics, publishers of such edgy comics as Grendel, Fight Club 2 promises to be an epic storytelling adventure.

I was oh so pleased to recieve and advanced copy of the first issue to check out, but I must admit I was apprehensive going in.  The original book and film are such landmark works that its hard to imagine a sequel that won't disappoint.  The first few pages I was tepid, but by the middle of the issue I found myself smirking and by the end I was seriously considering shaving my head, space monkey style.  Tyler Durden is back and in the medium that he was born to raise hell in...comic books!  

I'll try to stay away from spoilers, but the general premise thus far is this...Tyler is heavily medicated, married to Marla and trying to live a normal life.  Lets just say, thats not going well.  The first issue already gives us a bit of a twist ending that we probably should see coming, but sneaks up on us like a welcome visitor.  The artwork is great, the writing is fantastic.  Fight Club 2 is the badass sequel we deserve.

I'm thoroughly excited by the first issue.  I'll be picking these up as long as they write 'em.  I recommend you do the same!  The limited series is going to be ten issues long, and will be on shelves May 27th!  You can pick up a FREE prologue today at your local comic book store during Free Comic Book Day 2015!  (Saturday May 2)

Matt MacNabb is a freelance writer and pop culture historian.