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Sunday, April 19, 2015

AMAZING! Custom Cancelled REAL Ghostbusters Egon's Lab Playset!

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My friend and podcasting partner on the Super Collector Super Show, Robert Barbieri,has gone to the extreme effort of making his very own version of the cancelled Kenner REAL Ghostbusters Egon's Lab Playset!  


"This is a secret project I had in the works. I finished my version of the real ghostbusters: Egon lab playset. 3-4 prototypes exist. The toy got cancelled with the rest of the toy line in early 1991. My version is slightly different and besides the slime stickers the rest are original scans from a real prototype owner. This was made out of glue, styrene, sheets of plexiglass and A-poxy putty. The playset works like the real one."