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Friday, March 13, 2015

Adventure Time - Frost & Fire DVD Review

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Adventure Time - Frost & Fire DVD Review

Synopsis: Ice King thinks he's soooo cool and that really burns up Flame Princess. All the while, Finn is the one feeding the fire between these two elemental titans. The "Frost and Fire" DVD not only features one scorching smackdown, but a total of 16 sizzling "Adventure Time" episodes

Review: Adventure Time is crazy!  That being said, its also a wildly popular show!  My kids are crazy about it and this one appeals to everyone from a five year old to a fifteen year old and beyond!  This compilation disc includes quite a few great episodes from various seasons of the Cartoon Network series.  This one is a great buy for any fan of the show!

The episodes on this DVD include:

1. Frost & Fire
2. Earth & Water
3. Jake the Brick
4. The Prince Who Wanted Everything
5. Something Big
6. Return to the Nightosphere
7. Daddy's Little Monster
8. Joshua and Margaret Investigations
9. Davey
10. The Pit
11. Freak City
12. Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
13. James
14. Time Sandwich
15. Apple Thief
16. Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe 

Interest Range: Cartoon Network