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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Product Review: NECA 1/4 Scale 1966 Robin Burt Ward Figure!

About the figure: The long-awaited companion piece to last year's #1 selling Adam West Batman figure from the 1966 TV series has arrived! We are proud to present this brand new 1/4 scale rendition of Burt Ward as Robin. For close to 50 years the Batman TV show has delighted audiences and this fall for the first time ever the complete series will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray! To celebrate this monumental event we have created this 17" tall poseable figure of the Boy Wonder featuring Burt Ward's likeness. Robin comes with a fabric cape, 6 interchangeable hands, Bata rang, communicator and more. Super-poseable and loaded with detail, this Robin is a must-have for fans of the classic Batman series. 

Our Take: The new merchandising of the 1966 Batman TV show is a dream come true for Batman collectors.  Previously, we were stuck with the original merchandise and lots of bootleg garage kits if we wanted our favorite retro characters brought to life.  Now, NECA is adding to their phenominal 1966 Batman 1/4 figure with a spot-on Burt Ward likeness!  This figure is absolutely amazing.  You literally couldn't ask for anything cooler!  The sculpt is dead-on and the paint applications are spotless.  This figure is a steal for a price point around $100.  

We toy collectors have this habit of leaving items in the package to preserve their value and their original state.  I think this comes mainly from the trauma of trying to collect toys from our childhood in the original boxes at high cost.  The desire to see the toy as it was on the toy store shelf is a big draw for a collector, but lets face it...we all tore those packages open and they got tossed in the garbage!  When it comes to the '66 Robin figure, it would be a shame to leave him boxed up.  Remove him carefully and let him out in all his glory!  He'll display much better that way.

You can own this figure today!  Buy now at online retailers like Amazon.