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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New update on "Batman: The Complete Television Series" replacement disc program

We reported on the 1966 Batman TV series replacement disc issue earlier this month.  Now, WB have updated us all with an online form to fill out and submit to get your replacement, which they anticipate being sent out in January!

The fulfillment process for the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) replacement discs and digital repairs on Batman: The Complete Television Series is in its initial stages, the first being the actual fixes and production of the discs. Once this initial phase is completed, discs will be distributed.

To ensure you will receive replacement discs, consumers are directed to or to call 800-891-1311 to register and initiate the process. If you have already sent an email to Customer Service, we have received your email and you will be contacted to complete the registration process by early 2015.

The worldwide demand for Batman: The Complete Television Series is extremely high, and this process is being expedited as quickly as possible. However, there are necessary steps to be taken, and a large number of fans to accommodate. Please be patient.