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Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Batgirl Design, Gail Simone Out

From MTV News:
Starting in October, Barbara Gordon gets a brand new look, and team of writers and artist with “Batgirl #35.” Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, no strangers to the DC Universe from their work on “Batman Inc.” and “Wednesday Comics” respectively, will write the book, which finds a fire burning everything Batgirl owns, forcing her to reevaluate her life in a big way.

Additionally, the writing team is joined by newcomer, artist Babs Tarr, who along with sometimes artist Stewart, has revamped her namesake’s costume to be way more practical than the skin-hugging body-armor comic fans might be used to.

(And to fans wondering what’s up with departing, much beloved writer Gail Simone: no worries, we hear she has another project with DC Comics that will be announced shortly. So stay tuned.)

On a personal note, I think that this new design is more likely to attract a youthful audience.  I think my daughter would be far more interested in reading this now, which makes me happy.  Your thoughts Bat-Fans?