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Friday, July 25, 2014

Marvel Characters – comics compared to movies

When it comes to films, especially action-packed Hollywood blockbusters, many of us don’t really mind if every little detail is not correct, as long as we leave being satisfied and entertained by what we have just witnessed. For some however, this is not the case. Many Marvel comic books fans get upset and annoyed by the changes that are made to their favourite superhero character when they take to the silver screen. With a whole host of Marvel-themed games on site, Gala Casino have investigated some of the major differences that these die-hard comic book fans are talking about…


The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is one of the most famous Marvel characters, as the big green monster has had numerous films, comics and TV shows made about him. But surprisingly, The Hulk wasn’t actually meant to be green, he was meant to be grey. In the first few issues of the comic The Hulk was seen as grey, but after problems with colour consistency he was turned green.

The Incredible Hulk tells the story of Dr Bruce Banner, a scientific genius who was involved in a Gamma bomb explosion whilst helping the army to build it. Surviving the blast, Banner became a man who could turn into a giant green monster when he was angry.

One of the Hulk’s biggest enemies is The Leader, and in the comic book it is Samuel Stern who is transformed into this character in a similar explosion to Banners. In the film however, Dr Samuel Stern is a colleague of Banner’s who is trying to help him come up with a cure.

The way Banner became the Hulk has also caused some controversy amongst fans as in the 2003 Eric Bana Hulk film. In the film, Banner gained his ability while working for a California University, but, in the comic he becomes the Hulk during a Gamma bomb explosion whilst trying to save Rick Jones.

Captain America

Captain America is one of the newer films from Marvel. Chris Evans is the only person to play the role in a movie thus far and so far there have been two Captain America and one Avengers movie which Evans stars in.

Captain America is the story of a young man, Steve Rodgers, whose feeble physique meant he was unable to go and fight in the Second World War. Being unable to join the army, Steve volunteered to take part in a test and was injected with a serum that turned him into a Super Soldier.

One of the biggest differences between the film and comic is that, when Steve was injected with the serum in the comic he went straight into the war and avenges the death of Erskine. In the film however, Captain America is not sent straight to war, he tours the US as a USO performer before getting his first taste of action.

The biggest and probably the most shocking difference that many film fans may not be aware of, is the role of Nick Fury. In the films Fury is the leader of SHEILD and is responsible for the Avengers but in the comic books, Fury is actually a sergeant of the Howling Commandos who assist Captain America.


Wolverine is another very well-known superhero, however the background story of the character is very different in comic and film. After a childhood trauma, Wolverine (known as James Howlett before taking his father’s name Logan) ran off into the wilderness where his mutant gene was awoken. He lived among the animals before he was captured and experimented on by the Weapon X team.

After escaping, Wolverine returned to the wild until he met Professor Charles Xavier and joined the X-Men. Wolverine was more known for his role in the X-Men and one of the differences that become apparent in the films is that he is portrayed as the leader. In the comics however, it is actually Cyclops who is leader and Wolverine prefers to go it alone.

Another difference is that in the films, Wolverine and Sabretooth are related and share the same father, but in the comic books, Sabretooth is not related or ever mentioned in Wolverine’s story.

Gala’s comparison list further investigates the superhero movies and their accuracy in relation to their comic book counterparts and although there are numerous differences between the movies and the comic books, there are also a lot of similarities. In order for a film to be successful it needs to be able to entertain its audience and be relevant to the times. Adapting a comic book into a motion picture is always a challenging task and artistic licence often dictates that certain compromises have to be made to meet timescales and make it a successful project.