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Monday, June 02, 2014

Concert Review: Staind & Sevendust at Stir Concert Cove 6/1/14

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First of all, I want to say that this was my first experience at the Stir Concert Coveat Harrah’s Casino in Council Bluffs, IA and I was impressed. The fact that this is an outdoor venue and they had astro turf for ground cover in the front section that is a no chairs, standing room only area, was a VERY good thing! It rained throughout the entire concert and as people drank and danced around in that section, had it been real grass, it would have quickly become nothing but mud. The area directly behind that front section has real grass and you can bring your own blankets and chairs so you can get as comfortable as you want! I also want to say that there are quite a few port-a-potties set up all around the venue, and being a female who really hates the long lines for a rest room, I was very grateful! 
Sevendust came out first. This was my first time seeing them in concert, and they really blew me away! Front man Lajon Witherspoon, came out with really high energy and belted out the lyrics of many crowd favorites including ‘Decay’. He engaged the audience and really got the crowd going…even though it was raining the entire time! They were really a crowd pleaser!

Next to come out was Staind. Honestly, I was so very disappointed…at first anyway. Aaron Lewis, the front man for Staind, came out with a baseball hat on and a hoodie with the hood pulled all the way up. It was nearly impossible to see his face, which I believe was his goal. We (the photographers) were allowed to be up front to take pictures during the first three songs only, so as soon as song number three was over and all the photographers were filing out, he took his hood off. Also, he really gave off the vibe that he didn’t want to be there. He not only kept lighting up cigarette after cigarette, but he actually tried to sing with the cigarette in his mouth. His performance was extremely lackluster. 

Then, about half way through the show, Lewis began to “wake-up”. He started to really open his mouth and belt out the lyrics and finally engaged the audience a little. The real turning point to the concert was when Lewis introduced and sang his song ‘Country Boy’. This was performed with Lewis, alone on stage, with his guitar. I felt that this song was extremely special to him and it showed through his performance of it as he played his guitar, and sang the lyrics in a way that was very moving and truly spoke to the audience. As a gun-totin’, diesel truck driving, country-living, all-American girl, I could really relate to this song…and apparently so could the rest of the crowd, because they went wild! The rest of the concert played out as any good rock/metal concert should. Staind played hit song after hit song and the crowd LOVED every minute of it…even through all the pouring rain!
-Review by Kaffi MacNabb