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Monday, February 24, 2014

Scarecrow DVD Review

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Scarecrow DVD Review

Synopsis: For years the urban legend of the deadly scarecrow has haunted children, and in one small town, the evil comes to life.  During the annual Scarecrow Festival, a group of teens are tasked with working on a local farm. Inspired by the surrounding cornfield, they recount a well-known creepy tale of a terrifying, murderous scarecrow. They soon find that there’s some truth to the story. As darkness falls over the cornfields, a monster is out for blood and the teens must run for their lives.

Scarecrowmade its broadcast debut on Syfy October 5.

Review: We see a lot of horror movies here at the Legion, so I've learned to sum them up with the necessary facts.  This movie, which was originally seen on the SyFy network is Killer Scarecrows and hot chicks.  The CGI on the scarecrows is actually really well done and the suspense is good on this film.  It was a really fun watch and a great addition to any horror collection.

Interest Range: Horror