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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Robot Chicken: Dc Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise Coming in March!

Robot Chicken and DC Comics are teaming up again and it's front-page news — literally. The comic book publisher is producing variant covers for 22 of its March issues to celebrate Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II, the second edition of the Adult Swim hit's parody of the DC Universe.

The first special, which aired in 2012, showcased DC's super friends — including Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman — in Robot Chicken's trademark stop-motion style and irreverent humor. The second chapter, subtitled "Villains in Paradise," premieres this spring and puts the spotlight on the Legion of Doom, including Lex Luthor, the Joker and Catwoman. Robot Chicken creators and Stoopid Buddy Stoodio's co-founders Seth Green and Matthew Senreich worked with Geoff Johns, DC's chief creative officer, on both episodes.

Last time around, DC offered a special variant cover to its Aquaman comic. To celebrated "Villains in Paradise" they are producing 22 special versions, some of them delightfully disturbing. Among the series getting the Robot Chicken treatment are the publisher's two most iconic series, Action Comics and Detective Comics, plus the popular miniseries Forever Evil.

from TV Guide