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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Killing Fields: 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Book Review

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Killing Fields: 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Book Review

Synopsis: Winner of 3 Academy Awards! A New York Times reporter and his Cambodian aide are harrowingly trapped in Cambodia's 1975 Khmer Rouge revolution. Sam Waterston, John Malkovich and Haing S. Ngor (Best Supporting Actor Oscar and Golden Globe winner) star in this shattering true story.

Review: There are few films that hit you with the intensity and gripping drama of real life.  Teh Killing Fields is the story of a tragic genocide that occured shortly after the Vietnam war.  The film stars John Malkovich in a role that made his career and still holds up today as one of the greatest and most dramatic films of all time.    This blu-ray book edition is an epic way to commemorate this film and the best way to add it to your personal library.  This one is a must see for any fan of dramatic film.

Interest Range: Drama