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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dilbert - The Complete Series DVD Review

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Dilbert - The Complete Series DVD Review

Synopsis:  The Most Popular Comic Strip Of The 90's Is Now On DVD!

With his signature turned-up tie, round glasses and buzz cut, Dilbert is already a pop culture phenomenon, providing an irreverent reference point for workers everywhere. Now you can follow Dilbert and his co-workers as they try to make sense of corporate culture through witty banter and silly slapstick.

Developed and produced by Emmy Award-winning writer/producer Larry Charles (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm), Dilbert follows the every man as he copes with daily life at The Company. Daniel Stern (The Wonder Years) stars as the voice of Dilbert, while Chris Elliott (How I Met Your Mother) voices his roommate Dogbert, who views the entire world as existing for his personal entertainment. Joining Dilbert in the office are his fellow engineers: the no-nonsense, caffeinated Alice (Kathy Griffin) and selfish, slothful Wally (Gordon Hunt).

Review: One of the most visible newspaper comic strips was Dilbert.  The dry office humor was a fantastic pre-cursor to movies like Office Space and shows like the Office.  Its rare for a newspaper comic strip to translate well to animation, but Dilbert stands on a level with greats like Garfield, Dennis the Menace and Peanuts.  The show was very underrated when it came out on TV and has since gained some following online and on DVD.  This is a great and affordable way to own the complete series! 

Interest Range: Animation