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Friday, January 24, 2014

A Single Shot Blu-Ray Review

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A Single Shot Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: When John Moon (Sam Rockwell) accidentally shoots a young woman and discovers a bag full of cash, the isolated hunter becomes the hunted. His struggle to conceal both the death and the money triggers a cascade of events and encounters that ultimately escalates into a battle for survival.

Review: A Single Shot is a complex film that really shows Sam Rockwell's dramatic range, something that we don't get often enough from him.  Too often we get this slapsticky, douchey Rockwell.  This time we get something deeper and more serious.  This film is really a fantastic journey that is full of suspense.  I found it to be an easy watch overall with a fantastic cast.  You really root for Rockwell's character, even when you aren't certain you should.  We definately recommend this one.

The special features include: Making of, Interviews with Cast and Crew and theTrailer

Interest Range: Drama