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Monday, December 09, 2013

Transformers Prime: Season Three on DVD and Blu-Ray Review!

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Transformers Prime: Season Three on DVD and Blu-Ray Review!

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Synopsis: The Autobots and their human comrades have been separated, following the destruction of their headquarters, and Optimus Prime badly injured. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of their troubles, as the powerful Decepticon Shockwave has come to Earth with his newest weapon a clone of one of Cybertron's most ancient and fearsome beasts Predaking. Now it's up the Autobots and their allies both old and new to reunite and protect the world from evil one last time. The epic conclusion to the acclaimed series Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters is now available in one breathtaking two-disc collection!

Review: Transformers is a franchise that has stood the test of decades and is still going strong with kids and adults alike with Transformers: Prime!   The third season of the show, Beast Hunters,takes the action and the story arcs to a whole new level!  I was really hoping that this series would keep going with a season four, but it has been announced that this is the end of Transformers: Prime and a new series is coming in 2014!  This one starts out with everything looking bleak and just when the chips are down, sworn enemies have to team together to fight an even greater and more ancient evil from their own alien planet!  This series never disappointed and this is a must have for any fan!


Interest Range: Animation, HUB Network