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Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Wolverine Bullet Train 4D Augmented Reality App Available Now

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With today's release of The Wolverine to Blu-ray and DVD, we have another amazing app created exclusively for the home entertainment release.

Fox Home Entertainment is taking consumer experience to other level  with The Wolverine Bullet Train 4D Augmented Reality! The 4D technology allows users to engage in the experience from multiple angles within the bullet train environment while battling the Yakuza.
Every Wolverine Blu-ray and DVD in the U.S. and Canada will serve as a trigger to transport customers into Wolverine's world through the power of augmented reality and the FOX 4D app. The Wolverine 4D Bullet Train Battle experience lets you defend yourself from the Yakuza's attack with your Adamantium-claws, then snap a selfie with your claws on full display and share your victory pic on Facebook and Twitter.

Step into the world of Twentieth Century Fox films with this state-of-the-art augmented reality app. Featuring eye-popping 4D experiences that bridge the physical and digital world, this app will allow you to experience the world of cinema like never before. Launching to life with the US and Canada home theater release of The Wolverine!
Download the free Fox 4D app and unleash The Wolverine 4D Bullet Train Battle on your iOS or Android device today!
Follow these easy steps to start your battle with the Yakuza!
1.       Download the free Fox 4D app on your iOS or Android device
Google Play:
2.       Scan any The Wolverine Blu-ray/DVD cover art
3.       BE The Wolverine as you fight off the Yakuza on a speeding bullet train
4.       Take your photo, share your score and battle again on all your social channels!