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Friday, December 06, 2013

Product Spotlight: 3D Light FX Hulk Hand

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Our take: We had seen these cool 3D wall sculptures at Target stores and we were curious to get one home and check it out.  Of all the Marvel ones they had, including Iron Man and Thor, we opted for the big, green Incredible Hulk hand!  The first thing that you do is clean the wall and apply the crack sticker.  Now, this thing looks fantastic, but we did have a little issue with each edge sticking well.  Overall, we were able to salvage the look, though.  We opted to put ours on the landing, going downstairs, because part of our geeky toy collection begins there.  It looks amazing there (see pics below) and we could not be happier!  It hung easily and even lights up if you flip the switch.  It takes 3 AA batteries.  We highly recommend this one!

Where to buy: You can find these at Target stores and

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