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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WWE Monday Night RAW Review!

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The Authority (HHH and Stephanie McMahon) are back from vacation and punish Brad Maddox and Vicki Guererro for their mishandling of RAW last week with matches against Randy Orton and AJ Lee, respectively!

Big E Langston manages to knock out Mr. Perfect's kid, Curtis Axel, to win the Intercontinental Championship. Well deserved.

The Big Show, who is getting a great reception as a babyface, pounded Ryback into the ring in a great big man match.

A Divas musical chairs bit was used to set up a feud and huge tag match at Sunday's Survivor Series Pay per View between the cast of Total Divas and those not on the reality show.

Cena came out in a sling and got the crowd amped up, and of course ALberto Del Rio came out to take advantage and cause more damange to Cena, who surprised Del Rio, as he was faking the extent of his injury and ran him out of the ring.

Xavier Woods made a strong debut tag teaming with R-Truth against 3MB (as the Rhinestone Cowboys). He's full of character from his look to his very physical and entertaining moves. I look forward to seeing more of him, for sure.

The main event last night was INSANE! Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Golddust and the Usos vs. The shield with the Wyatt Family! 12 man tag match. This teaming of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk together as babyfaces is fantastic. The stuff of legends. There are no better villains than the Shield and the Wyatts! Golddust is doing so well since his return. This may be his golden age in the company. This match went off fantastically, degenerating into an all out brawl with bodies going everywhere and ended with the surprise return of Rey Mysterio!

Be sure to tune in Friday to Smackdown and Sunday for Survivor Series on pay per view! The Big Show will take on Randy Orton for the WWE title