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Monday, September 23, 2013

Two and a Half Men: The Complete Tenth Season DVD Review

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Two and a Half Men: The Complete Tenth Season DVD Review

Synopsis: The Malibu beach house men have matrimony on the brain in Season Ten. But where the heart (or other body part) is concerned, even the most honorable dude can screw up. Billionaire entrepreneur Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) extends an extravagant proposal only to indulge in a fling with a stalker before finding true love under an assumed identity. Nebbish housemate Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) decides life with his longtime girlfriend is better with her than without, then gets caught in an internet scandal with his super hot ex-wife. And newly enlisted man Jake (Angus T. Jones) pops the Big Q to a tattoo queen twice his age, then decides he likes her daughter better! It's just what dudes do while under the influence of testosterone, women's wiles, and Berta's occasional pot brownies. Catch the hilarious contact high on all 23 manful episodes. 

Review:  Two and a Half Men has been a HUGE comedy powerhouse for over a decade.   This DVD collection of season ten is the second season that the show has been on the air without Charlie Sheen.  His replacement, TV veteran Ashton Kutcher, has hit a good stride on the show.  His character, although at first a rather unbelievable move, has grown into the groove of the series quite well.  The show is still funny, although I don't know how much longer it has to last, but its still managing to get some laughs and stand its ground as a solid TV sitcom.  This DVD includes all 23 of the season ten episodes.

Interest Range: Comedy, TV Shows