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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The League: Season Four DVD Review

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The League: Season Four DVD Review

Synopsis: America's favorite pastime - talking smack to your buddies and making their lives miserable - is elevated to hilarious new heights in the uproarious Season Four of The League. This season kicks off with the arrival of Kevin and Jenny's baby...and the race to the Shiva Bowl is on! As Taco tangles with Chicago Bears great Jim McMahon and Andre's tailgating plans go horribly awry, the rest of the guys contend with dirty trades, circumcision debates, breast-a-lyzers and blackmail. Make these outrageously funny Season Four episodes of The League your number-one draft pick!

Review: The League season four is finally out on DVD!  This is one of those great comedy shows that airs on FX, alongside Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  That is the "league" that its in.  The characters on this show hit stride right away, to the point that its almost a non-stop laugh and season four was no exception!  There is a misconception that you have to be into football or sports to "get" this show, and thats just not the case.  I hate sports and I love this show.  Its simply a backdrop to the comedy.  We cannot recommend this one enough!

Get caught up before season five premieres.  This year the show is moving to the new FXX digital cable network.  Don't have digital cable?  Well, DVDs like this are definately the next best option!

Interest Range: Comedy, TV Shows