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Monday, September 30, 2013

South Park: The Sixteenth Season Blu-Ray Review

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South Park: The Sixteenth Season Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: All fourteen episodes from South Park's legendary 16th season are jam-packed into this exclusive three-disc DVD set and 2-disc Blu-ray set. Join Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny as they hunt down the mythical Jewpacabra, `sketti wrestle with reality stars, and go jackin' it in San Diego. Pile on never-before-seen deleted scenes and a healthy dose of cat breading, and you've got a box set that could just "raise the bar".

Review: I don't care what adult animation shows come down the pike, South Park is still the reigning champion and always will be!  Every year I look desperately forward to the new seasons to see what pop culture they're going to dismantle!  Season 16 was fantastic!  It aired in 2012.  We got everything from the TSA and Taylor Swifting to spoofs of Honey Boo Boo.  This was a fantastic season, full of inappropriate laughs!  A MUST have!  You can pick it up on blu-ray or DVD!

Interest Range: Comedy, Animation