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Monday, September 09, 2013

Regular Show - Fright Pack 4 DVD Review

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Regular Show - Fright Pack 4 DVD Review

Synopsis: Cartoon Network's Emmy-nominatedr hit animated comedy series Regular Show is back with the fourth and most frightening DVD of all time! The Fright Pack DVD includes the highly popular Terror Tales of the Park II 2-part Halloween special, which was the #1 telecast of the day among boys during the premiere in October 2012. This DVD also includes 14 additional hilarious episodes plus a spooky character gallery. Featured Episodes: 1. Terror Tales of the Park II (2-Part Episode), 2. Dead at Eight, 3. Jinx, 4. Grave Sights, 5. In the House, 6. Ello Gov'nor, 7. Death Metal Crash Pit, 8. Creepy Doll, 9. Death Bear, 10. Skunked, 11. See You There, 12. Meat Your Maker, 13. The Best VHS in the World, 14. Dizzy, 15. Last Meal.

Review: Oh, the horror...Oh, the humanity!  Well, maybe not humanity...the Regular Show is one of the quirkiest on Cartoon Network and its thanks to that it appeals to many age groups, from kids to adults.   This great DVD set is the 4th in the Fright Pack series, which includes 15 episodes from the hit show!  This is a great way to get in the mood for the Halloween season and to enjoy one of the funniest shows around.  The episodes are fantastic and this one is offered at a great price.

Interest Range: Animation, Cartoon Network