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Monday, September 02, 2013

Batman Crafts and Activities for Kids

Batman Crafts and Activities for Kids 

With school out it can be hard to find ways to fill your kid’s days, especially if it is raining.  Fortunately, you may be able to spark their creativity while also getting to enjoy the one and only Caped Crusader with them.  Here are 5 crafts and activities you can do with your kids to keep them busy, productive and learning about Batman.
  1. Look the Part
One of the quickest ways to get into a day of Batman crafts is to dress for it.  You can make this as simple or sophisticated as you and your kids desire.  An easy option is to make Robin’s mask out of construction paper and a piece of string then throw on a blanket or sheet for a cape.  Another option for your children is to just change into a pair of kids Batman pajamas.  On the other end of the spectrum, you can go all out and put on a whole store bought costume.  Another fun thing can be using face paint to look like characters like the joker.  No matter what you do, if you and your kids are all looking the party, it may make everyone have more fun and get into the Batman spirit.
  1. Batman Toilet Paper Rolls
Next time a roll of toilet paper runs out, keep the empty cardboard part (you can also use empty paper towel rolls, just cut them in half).  These can make great Batman figurines for your child to draw and color with paint, crayons, or markers.   To get started, make two indents on either side of one of the roll’s tips.  Each of these should be about half an inch deep.  These will be Batman’s characteristic ears.  Then, either you or your child can draw an outline of Batman on the toilet paper roll and color it in with whatever you would like.  If you don’t have a steady hand to draw the borders, another option is to print out an outline of Batman that is the appropriate size, and then glue it to the roll.  Once the Batman roll is complete, you can go on to make partners for him, like Robin, or enemies, like Mr. Freeze.  To add some extra authenticity, small pieces of fabric or paper towel can be attached to them for capes.  Even though they are simple, these action figures are great for kids because they are almost free and homemade.
  1. DIY Bat-Signal
Gotham tends to only use the Bat-Signal when it is in dire need of help, but this homemade version doesn’t need to be so serious.  With a cheap flashlight, a bit of tape and cardboard, you and your family can have your own Bat-Signal in no time. 
To make the Bat-Signal, measure out how wide the lens of your flashlight is.  Then, draw the outline of a bat on cardboard (if you can’t draw it well you can easily find a printout online). After that, you just need to cut out the bat and tape it on top of the flashlight.  You can use the Bat-Signal to help your kids feel more secure at night, for your cat to chase around, to play games or possibly even as a spotlight on a dark cloudy night.

  1. Flashlight Hide and Seek With Bat-Signals.
Since Batman generally keeps to the shadows is a master of secrecy and discretion, a fun game you can play with your new homemade Bat-Signal is flashlight hide and go seek.  At night, turn off the lights in your house and take turns being “it”.  The person who is it needs to count to 30 saying “Gotham City” between each number while everyone else hides.  When they finish, they have to find the other people and shine the Bat-Signal on them, at which point the person who was just found joins the search.  The last person to be found wins the game, or, you can just start over again with them being it.
  1. DIY Batman Comics
This activity mixes writing, collages, drawing and more.  First gather a few Batman coloring books or print off some outlines of Batman characters in various poses.  Then work with your child to develop a story line for the issue of Batman that the two of you will make.  Once you have come up with this, the two of you can start coloring in the characters, and then cut all of them out.  In a scrap book or on a large poster board, arrange the characters so they live out the story the two of you came up.  You can add hand written caption bubbles or draw background images to make the story and graphics more exciting.  Best of all, this can become an ongoing project, where you do one scene a week, or multiple “comic book” issues.  This way it may be able to keep your child busy, writing, learning and creating all summer long.

If you’re on this site, you probably love Batman.  So why not share your interests with your kids?  With these activities everyone can have a great time learning more about Batman, playing, and spending the summer creating fun crafts.