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Friday, August 16, 2013

Win a copy of Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal on DVD!

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Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal!  To enter for your chance to win a copy on DVD, simply email your entry to us at @  Good luck!

The Cult Horror-Comedy Favorite Arrives on
Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and Digital
On August 6, 2013

Synopsis: Lars (Thure Lindhardt) is a former darling of the art scene who is slipping away into the land of has-beens and has been struggling with a lack of inspiration. When Lars’ art dealer arranges a teaching job in a small town as a “therapeutic measure” to stir up his creative juices, things don’t quite turn out as planned.  Life in the peaceful small town at first appears to be rosy, as Lars settles in and impresses beautiful colleague Lesley (Georgina Reilly) by taking in the brawny, mute Eddie (Dylan Smith) after his caregiver passes away. But Lars soon discovers that the fa├žade of serenity hides something unimaginable: Eddie suffers from a rare form of somnambulism that transforms him from a docile, cereal-obsessed art student into a ravenous sleepwalking cannibal. Initially horrified by Eddie’s dark secret, Lars becomes enthralled by the not-so-gentle giant: At long last, here’s the muse he’d been searching for! But exceptional art comes at a very steep and increasingly blood-drenched price…