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Friday, July 12, 2013

Ben 10 Omniverse - Heroes Rise 2 DVD Review

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Ben 10 Omniverse - Heroes Rise 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: Ben 10 Omniverse is the latest television series in the global juggernaut Ben 10 franchise and the latest original series from Cartoon Network Studios. It's time to take the action home with the new DVD release, Ben 10 Omniverse Volume 2. This DVD includes 10 all-new action packed episodes from series' first season on two discs along with the "Alien Reveals" and "Alien Database" bonus features. With an all-new look at kids' favorite alien-changing star, including an all-new Omnitrix new aliens, a new partner and underground world filled with intergalactic life, it's Ben like you've never seen him - a little older but not always a little wiser. Complete your Ben 10 DVD collection with the Ben 10 Omniverse Volume 2 DVD

Review: Ben 10 is one of those rare shows that has been going strong for a decade now in its various incarnations.  Not a lot of animated series can tout that fact!  This newest DVD gives us the second set of 10 episodes in the Omniverse series!  This is a great jump from some of the previous single disc releases for Ben 10.  I can justify buying 10 episodes at one time.   This new incarnation of Ben shows us older characters and a jump in time in the universe that we all know and love.  My 10 year old son is a huge Ben fan.  He watched this DVD set and gave it a HUGE thumbs up.  I found this new series to be a lot of fun and the DVD set is a good value for the money. 

Interest Range: Animation