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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Red Widow: The Complete First Season DVD Review

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Red Widow: The Complete First Season DVD Review

Synopsis: From Melissa Rosenberg (writer of the Twilight franchise) comes a compelling new drama about the lengths one mother will go to protect her family amidst a dangerous journey to discover the truth behind her husband's murder. Housewife Marta Walraven (Radha Mitchell) adores her husband, children, and their idyllic Northern California life together. But beneath the suburban dream lies a dark and dangerous world, and when life presents unforeseen tragedy, the perfect facade comes crashing down. Now Marta must drop all illusions, embrace her new reality, and dig deep to discover reserves of courage, resilience, and ingenuity she never knew she had.

Review: Red Widow is one of those shows that you really hope takes off.  Unfortunately, the show wasn't renewed, so this DVD represents the complete series.  The show had a great cast with quite a few notables, and some great drama.  The story arcs were fantastic and we were definately glued to it each week on ABC.  This is still a great watch, even with just the one season.  The price point on this one is pretty affordable, so we highly recommend it.

The special features on this DVD include: RED WIDOW: The Journey -- Travel Between Two Worlds With Executive Producer Melissa Rosenberg, From The Writers' Room In Los Angeles To The Production In Vancouver, And Experience The Dynamic Interplay Of Writer, Character And Cast In This Taut, Emotional Series

Interest Range: TV Shows, Drama