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Friday, May 24, 2013

LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite Blu-Ray / DVD Review

LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite Blu-Ray / DVD Review
Synopsis: When Bruce Wayne receives the man of the year award, fellow billionaire Lex Luthor becomes jealous and decides to run for President. To create the atmosphere for his type of fear-based politics Lex recruits the Joker to perfect a Black LEGO Destructor Ray which wreaks havoc on Gotham. As Lex destroys Batman's tech, Batman reluctantly turns to Superman for help.
Review: The first thing to note is that this comes in a blu-ray / DVD combo pack, which is fantastic as a parent and collector.  I keep the blu-ray and the kids can borrow the DVD.  It works out great.  The box set also includes an exclusive Clark Kent Lego mini-figure!  A great bonus....although I'd rather have had a Bruce Wayne personally.

Whats Good About this Film

The film credits open with Danny Elfman's classic Batman theme from 1989 and a mimic of the opening credits, with the Batman symobol forming out of Lego.  Definately a good move and a great way to get fans into the mood!   Batman and Superman continue their long time rivalry.  Supes shows up in the nick of time to the tune of his classic John Williams composed movie theme.  The typical arrogant boyscout, his every word and movement annoys Batman to the upteenth degree.  The entire Justice League gets involved in the film, along with a huge portion of Batman's rogues gallery.

Whats GREAT About this Film

The voice cast is full of experienced voice actors of the highest quality, including two classic Ninja Turtles alum, Townsend Coleman and Rob Paulsen.  The highlight, however, is Clancy Brown reprising his long-time role as Lex Luthor.  He brings a dignity and presence to the character that is unmatched.

What to watch for

The film is full of a fantastic mixture of action and humor.  The tongue in cheek comedy is one of the best parts of the Lego films, from Star Wars to Batman. The film even ends with the hint of a sequel, which would be wonderful in this reviewer's opinion!

Bonus Features

This set includes some great bonus features, including a fun feature about the Lego stop motion animator bringing some kids into his studio and teaching them about animation.  Also, we get a few episodes of Brave and the Bold and a Teen Titans episode to watch.  Then, we get the finalists from the Batman Lego stop motion animation contest.  Tons of fun stuff to watch.
Interest Range: Dc Comics, Animation, Lego