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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Transformers Prime: Roll Out!

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The epic battle with the Decepticons rages on as Optimus Prime leads his team of Autobots and three human children in a mission to defend Earth and one day restore his home planet of Cybertron. But a brand new enemy emerges that could turn the tide of the war in Megatron's favor.  

The legendary Transformers are returning for a third and final season on the Hub network and they're going out with a bang with Beast Hunters.  The latest season centers around the Predacons, brought to earth by the Decepticons to hunt down the scattered and weaked Team Prime of Autobots.  I haven't been watching Transformers: Prime myself, but my kids really dig it.  Once I got a screener from the Hub I decided to give it a whirl for old times' sake, and man was I blown away.  

Not only is the story great and the animation cutting edge, but the voice acting talent on this show is bar none.  Peter Cullen is back in his role as Optimus Prime.  For those that may not know Cullen is a prolific voice actor and the original voice of Optimus from the 80s and the live action films.  Also, the great Frank Welker is back as Megatron and the more recently fantastic Steven Blum as Starscream.  Also of note is Kevin Michael Richardson, the booming and deep voice behind Bulkhead.  A talented voice acting team isn't to be discounted as a vital part of any good animated show.  The tone of the show is dark and obstensibly about talking alien robots, but its given a respect and seriousness that shows the love behind this franchise.  Transformers: Prime is a phenominal continuation of these characters and this final season looks to be intense.  The Predacons are hulking, menacing and utterly terrifying...sure to be a force to be reconed with!  Be sure to tune in!