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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame / The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II Blu-Ray + DVD Review

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The Hunchback Of Notre Dame / The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II Blu-Ray + DVD Review

Synopsis: Rediscover the majestic musical adventure of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame and The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II - together for the first time in stunning Blu-ray high definition. Bring your family together for the extraordinary tale of Quasimodo in a soaring celebration of the beauty inside all of us! Join the world's most unlikely hero as he meets his first real friend, Esmeralda, while fighting to save the people and city he loves. The legendary story continues as Quasi reunites with his gargoyle friends to protect the cathedral's most famous bell and find true love. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame soars with a magnificent score by renowned composer Alan Menken (Beauty And The Beast, Aladdin). Enjoy both magical films, bursting with brilliant animation and unforgettable characters, together on Disney Blu-ray.

Review: We love Disney here at the Legion.  Who doesn't love Disney?  One off the most underrated films in the Disney library over the past 20 years is the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  I will admit, I didn't see this one in the theater either.  In fact, not even on home video right away.  However, one day back in 2001 I picked up a VHS tape (yeah, thats right!) of Hunchback and popped it in.  Let me tell you, it instantly became one of my favorite Disney films of all time.  Now, we get not only Hunchback on high-definition blu-ray, but the direct to video sequel, as well, which is also underrated. This film looks fantastic on blu-ray and this collector pack is a wonderful addition to any family's library!

Interest Range: Disney, Animation