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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Superhero WordGirl New Episodes on PBS Kids!

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Now in its fifth season, WordGirl’s Becky Botsford, is a mild mannered 5th grader who collects unicorns and loves pink. But she is also a secret super heroine who defeats villains with physical strength and an awesome vocabulary. Girls relate to Becky’s obsession with the “Pretty Princess” TV show and her desire to be smart and boys like Becky too, particularly admiring her alias’ superhero strength. 

 The week of March 11-15, WordGirl will air five brand new episodes during a themed week entitled “WordGirl (M)Arch Enemy Week.” The episodes will feature popular villains from the series

WordGirl has received extraordinary critical acclaim and the property has received nearly 30 awards and nominations, including seven Emmy® nominations and a 2008 Emmy® Award win for “Best Writing in Animation.” The show has won two Gracie awards for its portrayal of a strong female character, a Television Critics Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Children’s Animation,” a KidScreen Award for Best Voice Talent, and an iParenting Media Award.