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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Regular Show: Party Pack 3 DVD Review

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Regular Show: Party Pack 3 DVD Review

Synopsis: Cartoon Network's hit animated comedy series Regular Show is anything but regular and fans keep asking for more. Regular Show: Party Pack DVD features 16 episodes from 3 hilarious seasons. The Emmy nominated hit comedy (Outstanding Animated Program) is part of the popular Monday night line-up on Cartoon Network along with the hit show Adventure Time. Regular Show: Party Pack features Mordecai and Rigby along with their friends Pops Muscle man Skips and Benson laughing having fun and even singing karaoke. Make your next party a party to remember with the Regular Show: Party Pack DVD.

Review:  We love cartoons here at the Legion and where better to find the latest in hilarious animation than Cartoon Network?  The Regular Show is part of a new generation of insane animation that appeals to kids, tweens and even adults with its off the wall humor.  This great DVD release gives fans 16 episodes from season 3 and is a great addition to any fan collection.

Interest Range: Animation, Cartoon Network