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Monday, February 18, 2013

Animaniacs: Volume 4 DVD Review

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Animaniacs: Volume 4 DVD Review

Synopsis: Animanical Fun for Everyone! The Fourth and Final Volume of Emmy Award Winning Series! Reunite with your favorite cast of characters Yakko, Wakko, and Dot from the Warner Movie Lot in their fourth and final volume of the outrageously zany Animaniacs adventures! Anytime this rowdy bunch of misfits comes together, whether they are putting a twisted spin on a classic tale or charting insane new territory, hilarious hijinks are sure to follow. So catch up with the whole gang including Slappy the Squirel, Goodfeathers, and Dr. Otto Scratchansniff as they set out to conquer the world, seek answers to life's biggest questions, and skewer entertainment's most treasured icons along the way. This gut busting 3 DVD saves the best laughs for last!

Review: It's time for Animaniacs!  And they're zany to the max!  It doesn't feel like all that long ago that I was rushing home from school to watch the latest episode of the Animaniacs.  Everyone from Yakko, Wakko and Dot to Pinky and the Brain and Buttons and Mindy..its all so fantastic.  Without a doubt one of the funniest and coolest shows of the 1990s is finally being finished up on DVD with Volume 4!  This volume contains the remaining episodes of season three, along with seasons four and five.  One notable difference here is a small part of the intro change from when the show moved to Kids WB!  They took the Bill Clinton bit out of the intro.  This show never lost quality and continues to be enjoyable for my own kids.  I cannot recommend this one enough to fans of the show and parents today, alike.

Interest Range: Animation