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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Southland: The Complete Second, Third and Fourth Seasons DVD Review

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Southland: The Complete Second, Third and Fourth Seasons DVD Review

Synopsis: The Southland is Los Angeles: sandy beaches Bel-Air mansions gangbangers and drug deals gone wrong. It's where the rookies and veterans of a stand-up LAPD unit see all the violence and fear a big city can breed and struggle to make a difference. This 6-Disc Set contains all 26 explosive Season Two Three and Four Episodes of the gripping lightning-paced series about the men and women who live their lives on a jagged edge taking on criminals victims and a sprawling city tainted by vice and seething with danger. Sometimes the cops triumph. Sometimes they fail. And sometimes the poison they live with on the job comes home with them. Police action hits hard in Southland.

Review: We've enjoyed police dramas here at the Legion for decades.  We've seen 'em all...and I mean 'em ALL.  None have been quite as edgy and quite as raw as Southland.  This show, originally airing on NBC, was later cancelled and aquired by TNT, where it has aired ever since.  In fact, the fifth season is soon to air on TNT network.  This is the show that won't die, and for good reason.  The characters on this show are dynamic, full of depth and flaw, and this is without a doubt the best police / crime drama on TV.  This DVD set collects the full second third and fourth seasons.  This is the perfect way to get caught up on this one before the new season starts!  We cannot recommend this show enough.

Interest Range: Crime Drama