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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sleeper Blu-Ray Review

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Sleeper Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Drawing on the great tradition of silent comedy, Sleeper is Woody Allen's first film to tame his verbal wit and showcase his emerging skill with visual and physical comedy. Starring Diane Keaton (directed by Allen for the first time), Sleeper is "a bizarre mixture of New York neuroses, splendidly lunatic sight gags, Alice-in-Wonderland illogic, and too-funny-to-be-painful satire" (Los Angeles Herald-Examiner) When cryogenically preserved Miles Monroe (Allen) is awakened 200 years after a hospital mishap, he discovers the future's not so bright: all women are frigid, all men are impotent, and the world is ruled by an evil dictator.a disembodied nose! Pursued by the secret police and recruited by anti-government rebels with a plan to kidnap the dictator's snout before it can be cloned, Miles falls for the beautiful - but untalented - poet Luna (Keaton). But when Miles is captured and reprogrammed by the government - to believe he's Miss America! - it's up to Luna to save Miles, lead the rebels, and cut off the nose.just to spite its face.

Review: I don't enjoy Woody Allen.  I think he's a horrible actor and not such a great director.  Sleeper, however, is a phenominal work that was ahead of it's time.  This one is done in an avante-garde 70s futuristic style that features Allen doing a silent film Buster Keaton like performance about a crazy future world that he awakens in.  I had never heard of this 1973 film until its release to blu-ray and I must say I'm glad I saw it!

Interest Range: Comedy