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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Compliance Blu-Ray Review

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Compliance Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Inspired by true events, COMPLIANCE tells the chilling story of just how far one might go to obey a figure of authority. On a particularly busy day at a suburban Ohio fast food joint, high-strung manager Sandra (Ann Dowd) receives a phone call from a police officer saying that an employee, a pretty young blonde named Becky (Dreama Walker), has stolen money from a customer. Convinced she's only doing what's right, Sandra commences the investigation, following step-by-step instructions from the officer at the other end of the line, no matter how invasive they become.

Review: Compliance is a fantastic art house film, loosely based on the incidents in real-life at a Kentucky McDonalds.  If you're not familiar, google it.  Basically, a prank caller contacts a restaurant manager and says he's a cop and one of the employees is a suspected criminal.  What ensues is a bizarre test of compliance to authority that can hardly be understood or believed.  If the film were not based on real life events I would call it absurd.  This is a disturbing and eye-opening watch.

Interest Range: Drama